Commitment for solving social issues (SDGs)

The Meitec Group is working sincerely towards the resolution of social issues (SDGs and ESG).
Until now, too, we have worked for the advancement for our clients and society, with an emphasis on Mutual Growth & Prosperity: the key principles of our Management Concept. There is no change in what we have aimed to achieve. Going forward, we will continue to provide high added value through core "People and Technology" services, and continue working with the strong will of contributing to the solution of social issues as a public institution in society.

We work also to save resources and energy and dispose of waste properly, looking to reduce resources consumption in our business activities and their environmental impact.


Contribute to solving environmental, energy, etc. issues by promoting technological innovation


Contribute to the industry and economic growth by promoting technological innovation and innovation
Contribute to sustainable economic growth through creating a Professional Labor Market


Promote higher technical education and lifelong learning
Provide fair “opportunities and placement” regardless of nationality, gender or age
Ensure full compliance with the Employee Code of Conduct in the Group’s Basic Policy Regarding Corporate Governance