Sustainable growth for the future

Contributing to society through business, until now and into the future

Meitec is working sincerely towards the resolution of social issues (SDGs and ESG). Until now, too, we have worked for the advancement for our clients and society, with an emphasis on Mutual Growth & Prosperity: the key principles of our Management Concept. There is no change in what we have aimed to achieve. Going forward, we will continue to provide high added value through core "People and Technology" services, and continue working with the strong will of contributing to the solution of social issues as a public institution in society. 

We are a group of engineers that plays a core role in manufacturing through its “People and Technology.

Going forward, Meitic will continue working to expand its range of opportunities and placement options, enabling engineers to achieve a comfortable engineering career style, and to expand its range of services while continuing as the best partner for clients in the Japanese manufacturing industry. Message from the President

Commitment for solving social issues (SDGs)

This page explains the Meitec Group's efforts for resolving social issues (SDGs and ESG).
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Providing optimum opportunities and placement

We continue to provide the optimum opportunities and placement to all engineers as they seek to enhance their careers and to all employees who continue to grow as professionals.
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In order to secure the more strongly assured trust of its stakeholders, Meitec is creating mechanisms for decision making that is fair, transparent, swift and decisive; through efforts such as protecting jobs, improving corporate governance and promoting compliance.

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