Company Information

Management Concept and Policy

Meitec Group Management Concept

Meitec Group Management Policy

“Ideal State” of the Meitec Group
We, the Meitec Group, with cooperation of all the employees, shall improve the five values continuously from the "Value to Engineers" as a starting point.
1)Value to Engineers
We continue to provide optimum “opportunities and placement” for all engineers who aim for affluent “Career Style of Engineer”.

2)Value to Employees
We continue to provide optimum “opportunities and placement” for employees who sympathize with the intension of “independence and mutual supports” and continue to grow as professional.

3)Value to Clients
We continue to provide optimal services of “People and Technology”, aiming to becoming a “reliable Best-Partner” for all clients.

4)Value to Shareholders
We maximize mid and long-term shareholders returns by creating “sound profits” based on continuous improvement of the Values.

5)Value to the Society
We will continue to be a pioneer in creating a “Professional Labor Market” in Japan, through establishing a career style of “lifetime professional engineers”.

Target of Providing the Value and Business Domains

Target of Providing the Value

The Company has established its business policy with the aim of realizing the following objectives for the “Engineers” and “Clients” to whom the Meitec Group directly provides services through its businesses.

a. For engineers: Create affluent “Career Style of Engineer” for all engineers together
b. For clients: Become a liable Best-Partner

Business Domains

Meitec Group's business domains are as following,
【Professional Staffing Business for Engineers】Meitec/Meitec Fielders/Meitec Cast/Meitec EX
【Recruiting & Placement Business for Engineers】Meitec NEXT