System for Engineers' Career Enhancement

We have built a system where professional engineers, who have a certain market value, can build their careers by enhancing their total strength (technical strength and human strength) no matter what changes in the times take place.

System and tools for career enhancement

Meitec's Professional Staffing Business for Engineers is a business that supports engineers' career enhancement. It enables engineers to work as professional engineers who are needed until retirement ("lifetime professional engineers" (R)) depending on their efforts. However, requirements in the market change.

There are two important things that the engineer need to do under this system: (i) Understand their  career to date and think about their career enhancement in the future; and (ii) Achieve career enhancement through work. We have built a career enhancement system, taking these two things into consideration.

Career development

When engineers join us, we ask all of them to plan their future based on our career development theory.

Best Matching System (R)

Meitec provides a unique tool, called the Best Matching System (R), to help engineers develop a career enhancement plan based on their target management.

We set goals and develop a career development plan for each engineer, taking into consideration their career aspirations, trends in customer needs, marketability and the Company's expectations and strategies. The plan is determined based on the Best Matching System (R) and one-on-one interviews between the engineer and the department head.

Support for improvement in Technological Strength X Human Strength = Total Strength

Meitec provides training opportunities under shared themes (the Company takes the lead) and in consideration of diversity and expertise (self-development), based on each engineer's career plan.

A variety of training programs and a lot of tools

Meitec supports engineer's career enhancement by providing training so that each of them has a vision as a professional and achieves career enhancement. The training focuses on enhancing their technical and human strengths. There are a variety of training programs, programs that the Company takes the lead in under themes shared by all engineers and programs for personal development; that is, programs under specialized themes and those that meet the needs of each engineer.

Engineers accepting and supporting each other

Meitec has a culture where engineers are connected with each other, deepen relationships, and expand connections.

As independent engineers, they inspire each other and consult with each other.

Senior engineers take care of junior engineers.

Engineers accept and support each other.

That is our "genetic" corporate culture.

Lifetime professional engineers (R)

Meitec has consistently taken on new challenges. We have regular engineers who turn 60, the retirement age, every year.

We have 630 engineers who have reached the retirement age (as of March 31, 2024).

In FY2013, we had our first engineer who had joined us as a new graduate reach retirement age.

Meitec will continue to develop a platform where engineers can continue to work as professionals.

We will establish a way of working as lifetime professional engineers (R) and take the lead in creating a Professional Labor Market in Japan.

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