Engineering Outsourcing Services

As the gateway for manufacturers to discover human resources and engineering solutions, MEITEC supplies temporary engineering staff and provides other services to meet all their needs.

Since its start in the temporary engineering staff business in 1974, MEITEC has constantly been winning the trust of manufacturers by supplying engineering workforces that have high technical prowess. As the gateway for manufacturers to discover human resource and engineering solutions, MEITEC and all its group companies are united to support clients in their efforts to strengthen competitiveness through temporary engineer staffing and other services.

We can provide any combination of human resources and engineering solutions.

Thanks to its creativeness and technological strength, MEITEC can combine various human resources and engineering solutions and provide them to meet the requirements of each client.

Solution Services of the Meitec Group

human resources solution services

・Temporary engineer staffing
・Temporary office staffing and "temp to perm"
・Global human resources
・Second career support
・Career development/change programs (O&O training)
・Outplacement support and employment exchange

Engineering solution services

・Global outsourcing
・Prototyping, mold making, and photofabrication
・Mounting and design of printed circuit boards and board manufacturing
・LSI development solutions
・CAE solutions
・IT solutions
・Document solutions

Temporary Engineer Staffing Service

High-end temporary engineer staffing service for design and development work in the manufacturing industry

MEITEC has been sending temporary engineering staff to approximately 4,000 Japanese companies since its establishment. The Company provides the highest quality services in the temporary engineer staffing industry and serves as a second personnel or engineering department for manufacturers.

Grasping the needs of each customer and providing optimum services

The Best Matching System to select engineers who are most suitable for the assignment

Upon receiving an order from a client, our Best Matching System searches a database in which the skills and careers of all 6,000 of our engineers are recorded and instantly identifies the engineers who are most suitable for the assignment. Thanks to this system, we can quickly select engineers from all over Japan who are sure to satisfy the client.