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Engineering solution services

The Meitec Group's engineering solutions business delivers a service form that meets the needs of our customers in research and development by providing our "People and Technology" services called engineering solutions.
Demand for engineers is growing year by year, due to expectations for their abilities as immediately-useful assets, in shortening product development cycles, and in delivering technical capabilities that client companies do not yet possess in house.  Meitec has a track record of transactions with a total of around 4,000 companies since its founding, and regular transactions with around 1,400 companies in the manufacturing industry. Meitec provides constant career enhancement support for its engineers who are engaged in indefinite employment, as a Group of Professional Engineers. We also cater to the increasingly sophisticated needs of manufacturing clients in a dispatch and contract form.

Business Area and Business Contents

From technology guidance, management and planning to practical work, Meitec is bolstering the research and development capabilities of its clients in a variety of fields, primarily in work phases requiring high levels of technical skill.
Meitec's engineering solutions services cater to the needs of clients in the manufacturing industry for research and development using sophisticated technologies, by leveraging its extensive track record of research and development work amassed over many years, and the technical capabilities of its engineers who have been involved in a diverse range of technology and product areas. 

AD / ADAS (Autonomous Driving / Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems )

From sensor design to ECU hardware development, image recognition and software development using AI technologies for vehicles, human detection and automated driving


EV (electric vehicle) core technology development leveraging structural design, power source technologies and control-related know-how cultivated in the development of hybrid vehicles

Connected (vehicles)

Communication module and software development relating to V2X (vehicle to everything), represented by vehicle-to-vehicle and road-to-vehicle communication technologies

Power trains

Design of units and in-car technologies including transmissions, driveline and motor battery units, and development of strength, NV (noise vibration) analysis and cooling functions

Imaging sensors

Development, design and evaluation of imaging sensors utilized in a wide range of fields, including monitoring / surveillance, medicine and vehicle-mounted applications

Quality / Environmental Management

MEITEC's Marketing, Educational, and Recruiting Divisions have obtained certification for ISO 9001, the international standard for quality management systems.