Providing optimum opportunities and placement

We continue to provide the optimum opportunities and placement to all engineers as they seek to enhance their careers and to all employees who continue to grow as professionals.

Meitec will continue to take the lead in creating a Professional Labor Market in Japan.
To that end, we provide a stable and safe employment environment to engineers and other employees and optimum opportunities and placement to enable them to achieve their aspirations to become professionals.

Protecting employment

Significance of protecting employment at a human resources business

At a company that provides human resources services like us, protecting employment has the same meaning as protecting the company. We think protecting employment is our social responsibility.

We will continue to have a solid financial base (management with no debt) so that employees can work without any worry.

Autonomy and mutual support to protect employment

Meitec does not think that protecting employment is just guaranteeing employment. We think that it is each employee making efforts proactively, even in case of emergency, and supporting each other to protect employment (the Company).

We have established a service model where individual engineers continue to maintain clients' trust in us based on our track record, which enables us to continue to receive new orders, which in turn support other engineers.

Stable and safe employment environment

Respect for human rights

We respect employees' fundamental human rights. We take steps to ensure manage working hours properly, protect against harassment.

Consideration of health and working environment

We conduct medical checkups and provide health guidance. We take steps to ensure mental health and health and safety at workplaces.

Fair and appropriate treatment

We provide fair opportunities and placement so that all people aspiring to become professional engineers can actively participate regardless of nationality, gender, and age.

Crisis management in response to natural disasters, etc.

We manage crises in response to natural disasters such as earthquakes and infectious diseases, and have introduced a safety confirmation system in the event of a disaster to ensure the safety of our employees.

Promoting diversity

Promoting women's empowerment

Meitec aims to be a company where all employees can continue to work and grow equally. It is developing a working environment and a system that empowers women and is promoting support for women's career development.

Action Plan under Act on the Promotion of Female Participation and Career Advancement in the Workplace (PDF)

Data on female employees at the Company

Date of the last update: April 21, 2021

Data on job satisfaction (provision of job opportunities to female employees)

—Ratio of female employees to the workforce: 

(engineers) 7.5%
(administrative staff) 32.7%

—Ratio of female employees in managerial positions:

7.6% ( - people)

Data on employee friendliness (development of a working environment for a good work-life balance)

—Gender difference in average length of service:

(engineers) male 14.3 years, female 8.9 years

(administrative staff) male 10.9 years, female 8.4 years