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The Essence of How Meitec Group Sees Itself

The Essence of How Meitec Group Sees Itself: An Engineering Firm at the Core

An Engineering Firm at the Core
We are a group of engineers that plays a core role in manufacturing through its “People and Technology”.
We live and prosper with engineers and we live and prosper with manufacturing. In the course of its history, the Meitec Group has cut out a path with passion through that part of technologies that could be called their crux. Each Meitec Group engineer has enhanced his or her value as a professional through the real pleasure that comes when important work being placed in your hands. We enter sanctuaries where no one else has been allowed to go and produce value on the cutting edge. We develop an important business process in its entirety as a project. The crux of technologies means not only being on the cutting edge, but also the pivotal work that is indispensable for the era, for the customer and for the product concerned. The crux of technologies changes with the demands of the times. Going forward, robots and artificial intelligence will evolve under the condition of global competition. Sustaining our determination to get the crux right requires us to change and evolve constantly. That relates to the endless pursuit of engineering possibilities and the capacity to remain a core figure in the labor market.

“Engineering Firm at the Core” is an expression of the very reason for our existence. It is also proof of our resolve for the future in which we must continue reforming ourselves ceaselessly. We will move closer to the crux by achieving our target of becoming the sole player in the high-end zone. Our self-reliant professionals connect with each other and raise their respective levels. We would like to be a group that offers a rich engineering life to engineers, reaching the stage where our customers call us their genuine best partner. We have opened doors for a new era with our manpower and technologies up until now. Taking pride in that achievement, we will remain a group that is able to take the crux upon ourselves in both the labor market for engineers and the market for design and development operations.

What We Mean by “Engineering Firm at the Core”

Engineering Firm

“Engineering Firm” in our description means that all the members of the Meitec Group belong to a group of engineering professionals who improve each other and keep growing with the spirit of “independence and mutual support.”

The Core

  • The Core in how we see ourselves means that we are a group of companies that produces “important and indispensable” value for the technological innovation of manufacturers.
  • The Core in how we see ourselves also means that we are a group of companies that is able to offer an “important and indispensable” way of working, as engineers who consider their profession as the core of society.
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