Message from the President April.2024

Be prepared to adapt to anticipated changes in society

The world is rapidly transitioning towards a sustainable society. The structures of the economy, society, and industry are changing drastically, and this is creating significant growth opportunities.

Are you reading the trends of the times and thinking about how is the world changing? What direction is it going in? How can you get involved and contribute? For that reason, you need to consider specific ways to enhance your techniques and skills. You need to gain knowledge in areas other than your specialty and expand your potential. It is crucial that professionals take on a new challenge and enhance your career in a growing field.

I recommend reading the April 2024 issue of the internal newsletter, SYORYU. In the feature story, Moving in Anticipation of Changes in the World: Aiming to Create a Sustainable Society, five engineers discuss how to think and act to continue to work as professionals in a changing world. SYORYU also includes interviews with experts in AI, which is necessary in a sustainable society, and the results of a survey of engineers on their thoughts and actions. Please read these articles and think and act for your own personal transformation.

I am learning new things every day, and I feel that the concept of industries is becoming outdated. Collaboration and competition between different industries is increasing, and transcending the boundaries between industries is becoming commonplace. All industries are connected. Engineers must take on challenges combining technical elements and their skills, regardless of the industries in which they work. I hope they will learn complex technologies in their area of specialization and in other areas and become unique professionals.

In April, the Meitec Group will begin phase two of its Mid-Term Management Plan (2023-2025), M2CX. Many new employees will join us. As a technology company, we will help our customers solve a range of technical problems and contribute to creating a fulfilling future society.


April, 2024