Message from the President November.2023

Pursuit of well-being

Two of Japan’s largest events, CEATEC 2023 and Japan Mobility Show 2023, were held in October 2023. They were full of excitement for the future and provided opportunities to quickly sense the change and evolution of technology that society is now experiencing.

CEATEC 2023 was a comprehensive all-industry trade show toward Society 5.0 with cutting-edge technologies, including the metaverse, robots and artificial intelligence, and it embodied a prosperous future society. Japan Mobility Show 2023, a fully redesigned and evolved form of the Tokyo Motor Show, was an all-industry trade show beyond the automotive industry that allowed us to experience everything about future mobility.

What I felt at these two events was a shift from them being manufacturing trade shows to events that provide value and experiences, the concept of co-creation that provides connections between people and companies and triggers innovation, and the pursuit of well-being toward the realization of a sustainable society. In particular, the pursuit of well-being means the maximization of the fullness of life and of happiness, and I felt that new solutions using combinations of hardware and software based on the market-in concept were required.

For example, The Vision for Digital Garden City Nation introduced at CEATEC 2023 is an industry, academia and government collaboration that proposed a wide range of lifestyles in the future. I was able to see the concept for enriching people's lives and realizing a sustainable environment, society and economy through the combination and integration of digital transformation, green transformation, robots and other cutting-edge technologies eliminating rural-urban barriers.

I am sure that many of you participated in these events or acquired information through the news or the official webpages of these events. What is important is how we perceive and act on the newest technology, products and services with a sense of adventure and curiosity.

We want to be engineers who not only respond to existing customer needs but also tap into potential needs and offer new value and solutions. A vital element of achieving this is an attitude of continuing to learn. Always staying up to date and thinking about how to use our skills and knowledge and making proposals will certainly increase customer satisfaction and enable people and society to pursue happiness.  

November, 2023