Message from the President July.2023

Increase Sensitivity and Utilize Information!

The basic policy of the Meitec Group Mid-Term Management Plan [2023-2025] that started in April 2023 is to constantly leverage perpetually evolving markets, technology and order trends and continuously respond to the demands of both clients and engineers to continue innovating.

Making this policy work requires a high degree of sensitivity to sift through the vast amount of data that we see and hear every day to find the information that is important. The July 2023 issue of the internal newsletter SYORYU featured the article, “Increase sensitivity and utilize information!” It showcased how our engineers who have information sensitivity and apply them respond to customer in pursuit of improved customer satisfaction. In the article, an information consultant was invited to talk about the secret to understanding global trends and effectively utilizing information.

In the interview, the information consultant conveys how essential it is to develop an increased sensitivity to information in order to build a personal axis that will enable you to identify changing trends and anticipate future developments. I agree with this. As the change of technology and society as a whole accelerates, it is only natural that the demand from customers changes greatly over time. Our roles and positions will probably be different three or five years in the future. This is true for every employee who aspires to be a professional, not just engineers.

To have an axis to evaluate our future, we need to have a wholistic view of the era and be sensitive so that we are able to recognize when something is off or out of place. I believe that, based on the above, a professional has to take the stance of learning skills, continuing to develop their strengths and providing new value to customers to contribute to society.

The world is full of information. We gather information passively by having a panoramic perspective on all of the information and then proactively drilling down into specific information leveraging our curiosity and inquisitiveness. By continuing to be alert, we will be able to capitalize on opportunities when they arise, without missing them. I believe that this will lead to our own growth in the form of improved skills and career advancement.

For each of us to develop a genuine understanding that our own work helps future society, let us start to increase our sensitivity and utilize information!


July, 2023