Message from the President June.2023

Transforming the two elements of The Core

On May 11, we announced the full-year financial results for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2023 and an outline of the new Mid-Term Management Plan [2023-2025], which commenced this fiscal year.

Under the previous Mid-Term Management Plan, which started three years ago, we made groupwide efforts to seek high extra value and to change our business model under the slogan of "The Transformation." However, the economy and the conditions for receiving orders deteriorated due to the global COVID-19 pandemic. Meanwhile, the digital shift and the development of next-generation technologies towards a sustainability society accelerated during the pandemic. Over the past three years, we have continued to meet customer expectations in new growth areas and technological domains.

The new Mid-Term Management Plan [2023-2025] is called MEITEC 2 Core Transformation, or M2CX for short. Under this plan, the MEITEC Group will transform the two elements of The Core.
Here, the two elements of The Core are defined as follows.
• We are a group of companies that produces "important and indispensable" value for the technological innovation of manufacturers.
• We are a group of companies that is able to offer an "important and indispensable" way of working, as engineers who consider their profession as the core of society.
These are the bases of our Group's corporate value. In the next three years, we will strive to transform these elements of The Core with an unyielding spirit.

Why will we transform them?

Technological trends in society are evolving rapidly and so is the demand of the manufacturers and engineers we serve. We will not be able to offer optimal value unless we and our staff change or transform ourselves. In a constantly changing society, failing to change simply means going backwards. Experience, achievements and even trust that has been accumulated will be lost. This is why we will transform three functions, namely sales, recruitment and career support. In a state of constant collaboration among them, we will create a value chain for two different types of parties to whom we deliver value. One is customers and the other is engineers.

I hope that you will support the transforming of the two elements of The Core and that you will join us in working towards this And by means of technology services to our customers boldly working to address social issues, we will turn ourselves into a group of companies that has confidence and pride in its work to realize a sustainability society.  

June, 2023