Message from the President January.2022

Contributing to a Sustainable Future

I would like to wish everyone a happy New Year.
I am delighted to be entering the new year, the third year toward the Transformation, together with all of you.

Looking back on the last year, the year of the Ox, the environment surrounding our society, economy, markets and everything else changed. The future was unpredictable, as the terming of the era that of “VUCA” (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity) indicates, and many risks emerged that threaten the safety of life and will affect the global economy and technological development in the future. This reflected the threat of the COVID-19 pandemic with new variants repeatedly occurring since the beginning of the year before last, which negatively impacted the world economy and gave rise to safety and health concerns, in addition to the global impact of phenomena generated by climate change.

In the MEITEC Group’s operating environment, expectations for the Group are rising even further, as our client companies are accelerating the speed with which they create products and services through innovation based on digital transformation, in addition to global-scale technological changes previously in place and competition in developing new technologies that transcend existing industrial barriers, and as initiatives for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to achieve a sustainable society are becoming more familiar not only in corporate activities but in our everyday lives.

The year 2022 is the third year of our three-year Meitec Group Mid-Term Management Plan (2020-2022):“The Transformation”, under which we pursue the provision of high added value.
As a group of engineers responsible for the crux of manufacturing with manpower and technology, we stand as an “Engineering Firm at The Core” with the aim of contributing to the construction of a fulfilling society using advanced technological innovation, and evolving into a unique corporate group that is able to sustain its growth.
With this awareness and pride, let us contribute to building a sustainable future through shared growth and prosperity with society, bringing passion to our search for the technological strength that will create new value.

Please allow me to conclude my New Year’s message by wishing you and your families good health and the best of success for the year ahead.  

January, 2022