Message from the President December.2021

Real joy of thinking and acting

In the January 2022 issue of the internal magazine, SYORYU, we will share with you a special feature on the theme, "the real joy of thinking and acting." We interviewed engineers who “think and act” with the goal of contributing to customers and society or pursuing their own potential, and who feel the “real joy of thinking and acting” and at the same time feel a sense of urgency and have expectations about the rapid technological development in recent years and asked them to respond to a questionnaire.

In the article, you will also read the results of interviews with our customers regarding the challenges they face in new growth areas and their expectations for our engineers. Engineers feel stress and anxiety when addressing challenges in new fields, away from their activities developing existing products and services. However, through the interviews and questionnaire, I was able to deepen my understanding of our customers and their strong hope that engineers will take on their tasks passionately without fear of failure, especially in the current era of great change.

What do you believe is important in your work? Is it that you are able to create new products and services through your work, that users of the things you have created are happy, that you are able to contribute to solutions to social issues or that you are able to grow personally? Each of these is very important in the performance of our tasks. This is why we act on our own initiative to pursue maximum results and high added value. I think that “thinking and acting” is a means to acquire the things we value and that the “real joy of thinking and acting” is to get the sense of achievement gained through “thinking and acting” and share the joy of having achieved results with colleagues.

We have only one month left in 2021. The past year was a year of perseverance for us, as the COVID-19 pandemic has continued since 2020. Under these circumstances, companies and engineers around the world, including the engineers of our company, are working hard to develop new technology with the goal of making people's lives as safe as possible. We expect the lifestyles and workstyles that have been developed during the pandemic to continue in 2022. However, technological innovation is advancing at an amazing speed. In the era of the pandemic, we should “think and act” about the things that we can accomplish as an engineering firm to ensure that many people are able to lead enriched lives that are safe and secure, and share the “real joy of thinking and acting.”

December, 2021