Message from the President July.2021

From customer satisfaction to customer enthusiasm

“The Transformation” is the theme of the current mid-term management plan of the Group. It means to pursue high added value and transform ourselves into a company that is “The Only One.” To achieve this, we will need to make constitutional improvements as a unified group. Here, "constitutional improvement" means transforming from a passive to a proactive corporate character.

Based on lessons learned from the collapse of Lehman Brothers in 2008, we have been aiming to be a unique provider for our customers, in order to become the company and engineers of choice for them. Meanwhile, technical innovation is rapidly advancing and the business environment surrounding our customers and the Group are experiencing radical change. Amid these circumstances, are we offering outputs that exceed customer expectations or are we presenting proposals and outputs that can make our customers truly happy?

The bulletin “SYORYU” for July 2021 has a feature story “From customer satisfaction to customer enthusiasm.” While customer satisfaction has become commonplace, what are the services and solutions that lead to customer enthusiasm exceeding customer satisfaction? The article features customers voices, and based on which what area managers, general managers of centers, and engineers think that they would like to, and should, put into practice within their respective roles. I hope all employees use the article as an opportunity to consider and proactively take actions for our customers and for their own personal growth.

Lastly, I think that there are three important factors for offering high added value services that achieve customer enthusiasm. They are “persistence to create outputs,” “attitude toward work,” and “passion.” Without being contented with the status quo, we should hungrily take a step or two forward and have persistence to create better outputs. We should have the attitude that puts that persistence at the core of our work, and the strong desire and passion that make us refuse to give up until the end. When we can embody these factors, we will surely be able to offer services that lead to customer enthusiasm. I do hope that you acquire a true sense of becoming proactively involved in the creation of an affluent society by finding solutions to customer issues.

July, 2021