Message from the President December. 2014

a monthly magazine for our employee December.2014

The Meaning of “to be Determined”

For the company's 40th anniversary event “Make Next Festa 2014” at the Tokyo Big Sight held on November 22nd, I am pleased that about 4,000 employees from all over the country had gathered. Thank you.
It was spectacular to see a historically largest number of employees gather together in one place, and I was touched by the strength of connection among Meitec employees.

Could those of you who had participated in that event feel the 40 year history of Meitec? Were you able to picture your future? And, were you able to see the friends you wanted to see?
For those of you who could not join us; I wish that you will check out our in-house intranet site to see how it was like on that day.

Well, again, I would like to put my message on the 40th anniversary event in the following.

In the past 40 years, we have connected “all the fellow employees” and “time,” around the “technology.”
Along with the change of era, we have experienced a number of changes. But we have built up a brand name of “No. 1 in the Professional Staffing Services for Engineers,” and had created a new style of working “Lifetime Professional.” And it is significant that we were able to have people who had reached their retirement age as the “Lifetime Professional,” and I am very proud of it.

What is the “time” we have connected? Time is a flow of time or an era. Over the eras, the environments which surrounded Meitec had changed, and what we were required had significantly changed over the eras. As the era changes, Japanese manufacture had worked developing new services and products. And the technologies had diversified and became sophisticated. Therefore, our engineers had continued to respond to those “needed technologies” and “expected role.”
Technology will continue to evolve and there is no end to it. We will be asked to continue polishing our technical capabilities matching the needs of the time, and to exhibit them.

What is the “fellow employee” who we have been connecting?
The fellow employee is a group of people who each one have pride and a sense of independence, strengths which un-replaceable with others, responding to the needs, and work hard together to create better values.
The fellow employee has fellowship of being same professional. By working hard together to realize own growth.
This is the “independence and mutual supports” a spirit of Meitec, and our tradition.

Now, the only thing I would like to say is “to be determined.”
Every and each one of you needs to be determined to open up your way with your own technology.
And everyone needs to be determined to continue creating the “placement and opportunities.”
This “determination” is the origin of Meitec and “spirit of professional engineer.”

It means to be determined to;
Each and everyone’s challenge toward changing needs from clients and technologies.
Create chances for yourself as well as for your fellows.
As a fellow employee of all departments including engineering center and back office, enhance the professionalism, evolve the platform which is the strength of Meitec, and continue creating “placement and opportunities” to realize the “affluent “Career Style of Engineer.”

High end professional staffing market for the engineer was not in the market from the beginning. It was a market created and developed by our seniors and us. This is why that we ourselves are the one to open up our future.
If Meitec continue to be Meitec, in another word, if each and every one of us continue to grow with pride and strong spirit as a professional, support each other, and open up the next generation as a leader, it will lead us to the “Make Next” = create the future!

Meitec as a platform which was built by our seniors was inherited by us and we grew and evolved it. And now, as every one of us takes the leading role, we will achieve further evolution toward the next generation.
As the “leading company of creating values” with “People and Technology” to bring new value to the world, as an entity which everyone of us can continue to safely work by sustaining growth, as an entity which can achieve trust and sympathy from the society, let us aim to build the company group which “continue to stay brilliant” toward next 30 to 50 years

I too will, with determination, work together with all of you.

December, 2014