Message from the President November. 2014

a monthly magazine for our employee November.2014

The engineer should be the Innovator

I have concluded the employee and the president meeting for the year 2014 on October 15th, with last the one at the Nagoya South Engineering Center. I would like to, once again, express my sincere appreciation for able to hold the meetings at all the locations, and so many of you had attended.

In this year’s employee and president meeting, I receive over 250 questions, and I was really able to feel that your interests are very high.
Under such situation, what I felt was that the engineers, as an occupation, should be the innovators.

Holding the technologies and knowledge in a particular field is very important. But under the changing environment, required roles and desired abilities of the engineers would change significantly. In such instance, being able to see the things from various perspectives such as see what the clients want, objectively see the technology trends, and see the trend in the manufacturing industries, is important. You will need to watch the environments and condition which surround yourself, and know your value as an engineer. By doing so, you can always keep a sense of crisis, and continue to make challenges in order to be satisfied with yourself now.

“Innovator” which I state here is an engineer who can create new value beyond what is you are expected by the clients by actively seeks for career advancement as an engineer without being satisfied with yourself today. I wish that everyone will continue to have strong willingness and aim to become an engineer who can provide the value above all your client’s expectation.

Incidentally, the manager activity, which all you engineers voluntary teach each other and support each other, has been carried out at the offices throughout the country on holidays. The content of the manager activities varies different depends on each office such as, technological seminar, and human skill seminar and father and son event. But as whole, everyone is making various challenges according to how the engineers are visualizing things needed objectively.
By hearing and knowing the things of other fields from fellow engineers who have different knowledge and careers, and being inspired by them, one can able to see things from a totally different viewpoint and reorganize. Therefore, participating in this activity is truly a chance to stay being “innovator.”

For those of you, who have not been able to participate in the manager activity this year, I wish you will participate in the latter half of the fiscal year, and hope you will widen your field of view and visibility through the communications with many of your fellows.
I also wish that you will find new possibilities in your engineer career by making one step further ahead challenge without being satisfied with yourself today.
I wish that all of you will continue to be the “innovator.”

November, 2014