Message from the President September. 2014

a monthly magazine for our employee September.2014

Power of Group
-Opportunity to see the people you want to see -

Meitec has celebrated its 40th anniversary this year. And to commemorate this, the Company will conduct several measures. Purpose of these measures are to convey our gratitude to many people who support Meitec, to celebrate 40th anniversary with all employees as great passing point, and to mutually confirm and share firmly that, together, everyone will go toward the next stage.

There are four major categories in the measures.

1. 40th Anniversary Booklet
For people of inside and outside of the company, we will produce a booklet which contains our 40 years histories, our ties with clients and colleagues, and our thought toward the futures.
2. To all the employees
We will hold a commemoration event gathering all the employees of about 6,300.
3. To our clients in manufacturing industry
Our each and every sales staff will convey our gratitude to all the clients for their support till today.
4. To our shareholders
With our gratitude to our shareholders, we will pay 20 yen per share for the year as the 40th anniversary commemoration dividend.

Among above measures, we invite our employees to participate in an event, of the scale you've never experienced before, that will be held on November 22nd at the Tokyo Big Sight. And I wish for you to feel the existence of about 6,300 fellows. And I wish that you will feel the strong vitality and energy from many of colleagues, as we are the Japan's largest group of engineers which support the manufacturing industry of Japan.

I believe the history of Meitec is an accumulation of growth of each and every engineer, that was realized by making friendly competition with fellow, in order to continuously raising their value that is expected to themselves . And, I think that the fact of the culture and behavior of "independence and mutual supports" between each engineer had created a company called Meitec.

Usually, because each engineer is working at the client’s location, I think you cannot see fellow employee too often even if you are assigned to the same sale office. Moreover, since there are possibilities of being transferred to anywhere in the Japan, I think that it is often the case that you may never had chance to see the fellows who you shared the joys and sorrows together at the prior location after a transfer.

I too, for long time, have not seen the fellows who joined the company together and also have not seen colleagues who I have worked together in my engineer days. I am very much looking forward to gathering with them and talk to at the event.

You too would have many fellows whom you have kept ties and grew together. Please take advantage of this event to realize reunion with people who you can't normally see. And also, I wish that all of you will feel the sense of unity and dynamics of entire Meitec employees in live.

I am looking forward, that November 22, 2014 will be engraved as one page of a new history of Meitec.

September, 2014