Message from the President August. 2014

a monthly magazine for our employee August.2014

What I Feel from Looking Back at the Past Three Months

Three month has passed since I have started the employee and president meeting in May.
Although it is my first time to hold the meetings as a president, because so many employees had joined me at the meeting, I felt grateful as well as motivated.
I have completed the meeting with employee at about half of our engineering centers, and now, I will start meetings with the other half from August.

In this year’s meeting, I am sharing the five values (Value to Employee, Value to Clients, Value to Shareholders, and Value to Society from the Value to Engineers as starting point) which the Meitec Group aim for, and also explaining the new “Mid-term Management Plan of Meitec Group 2014 – 2016.” In the meeting, because everyone was listening to me very seriously, I sensed everyone's strong spirit of "we will together build future of our company group."

Incidentally, in this year's meeting, we have set the question and answer time longer than before. And I received many questions from our engineers.
But, as I look back those questions, many were related to individual's skill up and career advancement, such as "training to enhance the specialized technology," and "What should I do to improve my career?." It could mean that it is hard to convey how each of our company group's strategy, that we will precede now on, would involve and be useful to each engineer.
On the other hand, I could not help feeling their thought that "they are setting enhancement of their technological strength as their purpose," and also their passive attitude such as "the company would do this for us" or "provide for us."

What I would like convey everyone comes down to "as a professional engineer, it is important to actively enhance yourself and pursue the value more than your clients are asking for." It is a matter of course as engineer to wanting to improve your technological strength. But it is important to know that it is merely a means, and should not make it a purpose.
Achieving the technological strength is not the value. But exercising the technological strength is the value.
I always hope that, in terms of market value, you will act in consideration of the "technological strength x human strength = total strength."
It is the company’s mission to build a system which would provide an environment that you can always consult with when you become uncertain about your career development, even after you first try to think on your own. Therefore, the company will try to construct further career support system.

At last, I would like to talk little about my hobby.
I love watching soccer. And I enjoyed watching this year’s World Cup up to the final game.
This year, Germany became the champion. But I hear that they made various initiatives in their road to the championship.
After losing in the euro group preliminary in 2000, they made efforts in restructuring the training for younger players. They established number of training facilities throughout the country. And, they supported promising children over a period of ten years. Also, they developed a system to improve the level of the talented player from throughout the country to even higher level. In addition, they tried to build their own style of soccer by applying the techniques from other fields such as basketball and handball strategies, without limited to the soccer strategies.
As I was listening to such episodes, I felt that same would apply to the engineers. Meitec engineer is a group of professional talent. In order for them to grow, they would gather variety of information, adopt technologies, and learn to respond to changes. And they would develop their career they aim for.
Through watching the games of World Cup, I was once again determined that I would like to build strong Meitec in terms of organization, and want to continue provide places where each and every Meitec engineer can exercise their strengths.

August, 2014