Message from the President June. 2014

a monthly magazine for our employee June.2014

Aim to Become an Existence Essential to the Society

In the Mid-term Management Plan of Meitec Group 2014 - 2016 which has started from April 2014, we will strategically focus our effort in our Professional Staffing Business for Engineers, our core business, and Recruiting & Placement Business for Engineers according to our business policy of the group, “create affluent career style of engineer together,” and “Become Best-Partner of the clients.”
Currently, for both new graduates and mid-career, tend of hiring engineers by the each manufacturers are very active. Active opening ratio for design and development engineer in March 2014 was 150%, and plan for hiring new graduates in the science major for spring of 2015 had increased by 17% compared to that of previous year. Also, this is also same for the utilizing outside human resources such as the staffing and the contracting.
Manufacturers are making effort in their human resource strategy by distinguishing between the direct hiring and the utilization of outside human resources and selecting them in consideration of the balance between business strategy and human resources strategy in line with themes and challenges in the personnel matter of individual companies, such as securing human resources who are ready in skills and technologies which are not in-house upon start-up of product developments and new business, or securing the medium and younger human resources in order to prepared for upcoming large number of retirement, and pass on their technologies to them.
On the other hand, in the labor market, everyone is asking for fulfillment and happiness in their job while complying with way of working up to the age of 65, places for women to work, and diversity of job under the environmental changes such as globalization, changes in the industrial structures, low birthrate and longevity, and unequal society, etc.

Therefore, in the Mid-term Management Plan, by focusing on to our Professional Staffing Business for Engineers and Recruiting & Placement Business for Engineers, Meitec Group shall, to respond to the needs and requests from both clients and engineers, brush up our business to provide more opportunities and placement and their choices ever before. And we aim to become the Best-Partner, who is always needed in any situation, by support with full force committed to make a contribution to human resource strategy of clients.
And through the work style of making career advancement as an engineer beyond framework of enterprise, and through our business that provides opportunity and placement which an engineer can realize their "affluent career style of engineer" when they look back their work life, we aim to become an existence essential to the society by achieving trust and sympathy.

Especially, in the Recruiting & Placement Business for Engineers, with Meitec NEXT, a company specialized in job placement for engineer, as its center, by providing career change support service focus to engineers for manufacturing industries, we will promote further expansion and strengthening, with its high satisfaction by job seeker (No. 1 total satisfaction for three consecutive years, reported by Rikunabi Next) and largest job offer in the industry (continuously over 6,000) as its strength. And, to challenge the problems such as decreasing labor population, and low birthrate and longevity, which our country faces now, we will focus on expanding choice for "place and opportunity" to work for older engineers and global human resources.

Meitec Group has been providing services of the people and technology with its Professional Staffing Business for Engineers as its core business. But now, we will brush up our two business, Professional Staffing Business for Engineers and Recruiting & Placement Business for Engineers, in order to expand the choice of best "Opportunity and Placement" we provide to those person who seeks to become engineer, and all the engineers who have just started his or her engineer life to senior engineer who seeks for affluent career style of engineer.

To those engineers who have chosen Meitec, we will continue to support more than ever to be able to fulfill the "affluent career style of engineer," and we, entire group, will extend our effort to all the engineers in the society.

June, 2014