Message from the President May. 2014

a monthly magazine for our employee May.2014

Message to the New Employee
-Improved and accumulated “Technological Strength” and “Career” would be lifetime asset -

“Technological Strength” and “Career” which you, engineer, have improved and accumulated each day would be biggest asset that you can carry around for your entire life.

You will start your career as a professional engineer now. Where you will be assigned, you will be supported by senior engineers and you will improve together by encouraging each other with fellow engineers. And to respond to the expectation from your customers, you will be improving your technology, build up the experiences and your career as engineer. After continuing such effort repeatedly, accumulated “Technological Strength” and “Career” will become your biggest assets.

In Japanese maker's manufacturing, hereafter, they will continue their effort to develop new technology and product even though the environments of the era and market needs will change. And I am sure that they will contribute to a happiness of everyone in the world by bringing new products and values. Therefore, technology will always evolve and it will never end. And, by challenge to the new technologies and work fields, and continuing to improve and evolve your technological strengths, will lead to your future as a professional engineer.

Meitec is a group of 6,000 professional engineers. Over the 40 years since its establishment, there are many senior engineers who have accumulated the technological strengths and their career as engineer and maximized utilization of such assets. And they are all around you who you may think "I want to become like them in future." I really wish that you learn from this fact. And by doing so, I'm sure that you can find meanings and values of making challenges to the new technologies, new field and new products.

Also, in the course of building up your technological strengths and your career, what I would like you to cherish most is continue to have curiosity.
Engineer is a profession who can create tangible value from intangibles, and make the world happy. And the “curiosity” is the element truly essential to creating new products and developing and designing them.

But you will not be able to achieve technological strengths nor building up your career as engineer only by responding to what you are asked to do. First, I would like you to make challenge to any jobs with curiosities and widen your areas of interests. And provide new solutions to the world with your technological strengths, and bring excitement to the people of the world.

Meitec will continue to provide opportunities and placement where you can build up your “technological strengths” and “career” as engineer. And I wish that you can rest assured and make challenges and realize your dream as professionals.

May, 2014