Message from the President Apr. 2014

a monthly magazine for our employee Apr.2014

To be a brand name that would stay brilliant even after 30 years

From April 1st, I was appointed as President of Meitec. We have started our new fiscal year with new management structure, and I would appreciate your kind support. I will send you my message once a month from now.

Now, the labor market surrounding us is in a middle of the big tide of changes of the era. The government advocates employment system reform on an important policy theme as a part of the growth strategy of the Abenomics. And review of the way of regular employee and issues such as the limited regular employee and discharge rule, which has been put off for many years, are now been taken up to be the point of discussion. Under such movements, I believe that way of work as professional for each person will be more and more required.

As I look back in this timing of a turning point, I think that 40 years history of Meitec is a fruit of the endless effort by everyone pursuing their life as professional engineers. Therefore, although the way of work to pursue to be professional engineer of regular employee is familiar way of work to us, to the society, I feel that such way of work will be noticed as new way of work.

From my career at Meitec, what I feels as most advantage point of Meitec is “independence and mutual support.”

I would like to share an episode when I joined Meitec. I joined Meitec, then, it was called Nagoya Technical Center, in 1982, started my career as newly graduated engineer. Since my major in college was aviation aerodynamics, my technical field was not major field as today’s electronics engineering, but because Meitec had provided me with opportunities and placement to work, I was able to start my engineer life.

Even so I was able to start working, I was given difficulties right from the beginning. The customer would communicate with me as a professional engineer even though I did not have much experience, and always expected highly.  Even when I was on a train, I was anxious, and strongly felt pressure and stresses to the work.
But on the other hand, because I grew up as engineer in such strongly pressured environment, I could realize that challenges to defeat such pressures led to my growth.

Now, that I hope more than ever to everyone is “to act as a professional with a consciousness to increase your market value.” Technologies and products of our customer would continue to change. Therefore, unless we evolve faster than such change, we could be washed away.

Market of the high end engineer staffing service which Meitec provide was not there from the beginning, but was pioneered by our seniors. I think future market is to be developed by ourselves, and by each and every employee doing so with confidence and pride, we will be creating “a brand name that would stay brilliant even after 30 years.”
Let’s challenge together.

April, 2014