Message from the President Apr.2012

a monthly magazine for our employee Apr.2012

To the Young People who joined us in this April

Taking a first step into society as a member of Meitec employee means taking first step as a “professional engineer.”

I think you'll really feel the meaning of this word when you are assigned to a customer after initial training. It is because that being assigned to a customer means that you have started to receive considerations for the services you provide.

Regardless of kind of job, receiving a consideration for a job is a big thing. So there is no job which is not a big thing. Any job can be useful to someone and be pleased by someone, so that we can receive consideration for it. No matter what the job is, it is big thing to be useful to someone and be pleased by someone.

And I would like you to think why you were given the job even though you have no experiences. It is because other senior engineers had built up results that Meitec engineers can always be useful. And our customers are confidence and trust that new Meitec engineers also can be useful.

Please remember that the job you have today is given because of the trust won by many senior engineers since the beginning of the company. And you can clearly realize that no job can be sustained by yourself. Also you can understand what you will need to do and what you should not do.

We call this “pride as a professional engineer”. And when you felt this pride, you would really become member of the “group of professional engineer.”

Welcome to the “group of professional engineers”.

April, 2012