Message from the President Mar.2012

a monthly magazine for our employee Mar.2012

To All the Leaders

As I have been explaining in the president and employee meetings during last year, we have lost about 300 customers, equivalent to 30% of all 1,000 customers, due to the Lehman Shock. Because of this experience, we are now working on a strategic business objective, “building stronger customer basis”, in the Mid-term Management Plan “Co-creation 21”.

Meaning of building the customer basis is establishing relationship with our customers so that we can continue our business with them even under such crisis like Lehman Shock occur again. Importance is that we continue contract with particular customer even if number of engineer assigned to the customer becomes only one. One engineer remaining with a customer would make significant difference in gaining more contracts with the customer when the business started to recover.

Disruption of contracts means loosing account with a customer. This will also result in loss of opportunities for continuous information sharing with the customer regarding when and what kind of engineers they require. Vise versa, if we have at least one engineer remaining with a customer, we can make various propositions to the customer based on that relationship, and create new career stage for our engineers.

I would like all the leaders at the customer to become key person in building such strong relationship with the customers. Purpose of the Leader’s Rally we have been holding throughout the country from the beginning of the year is to promote this effort. I wish that all the leaders and managers to take in the though and passion from the discussions there to make them as your own power and utilize them at each workplace.

From these perspectives, we are planning to change our strategic business objective to “building the customer basis with all the customers, 1,000 companies”

March, 2012