Message from the President Feb.2012

a monthly magazine for our employee Feb.2012

Resuming the Overnight Seminar

For the current fiscal year, we have resumed to hold the Overnight Seminars after three years of suspension since the Lehman Shock. Although we had overcome the crisis caused by the Lehman Shock, the company had not resumed all the expenses as before automatically. We have learned much through the crisis, and we are now trying to distinguish the really needed expenses from those which are not so essential.

One rule in this effort is to not to stick with how it was done previously. When the things are going well, people and company tend to follow how it was done in past. I believe that we had been considering the purpose and cost of things very seriously even before the Lehman Shock. But there were occasions which we might have made a decision according to how it was done before.

Therefore, we have made thorough reviews in deciding to resume the Overnight Seminar. The company was quick in reaching a decision that it is really necessary thing for the company. The Overnight Seminar is a place where employee can communicate one another. And by such communication, as they give deeper though on how they should be as a engineer (employee), it becomes a place where employee to think about how Meitec should be as a group of professional engineers, and how each employee should be as part of the group, and also place which to inherit the DNA of Meitec. So I believe that these were the reasons why many of the employees had asked the Overnight seminar to be resumed.

Incidentally, I think that real thrill of the Overnight Seminar is in its after-party. Overnight Seminar is also a place that management people to catch the engineer’s (employee’s) thought. So I urge you to talk with the executives who will attend the Overnight Seminar which to be held throughout the country.

February, 2012