Message from the President Jan.2012

a monthly magazine for our employee Jan.2012

Era of New Story

Happy New Year!

There is an expression of “year of turmoil”. Last year, literally, was a year of turmoil. Of cause, there was turmoil from the great earthquake in Japan. But, further, for the world, it also meant that new era had started

Although the curtain had started to open for new ear, we can not see at all what the new era would be like. But the sense of values we have built during the 20th century had started to be shaken. The idea of representing the richness of the country only with an indicator for the economic prosperity of GDP is beginning to be reviewed in a world. This may mean that classification of developed countries and developing countries are almost became meaningless concept. On the other hand, although the movement of linking the world by the information and economy looks to accelerate, it is uncertain that what the world would be like afterward. Maybe the unpredictability is a characteristic of new era.

As the future is uncertain, we can also say that we are shifting to an era of people’s anxiety increase. Still, companies and individuals must survive. Therefore, what is most important thing for this?

I think that is to draw your own story. It is a story that, when you encounter various difficulties, you will overcome such insurmountable difficulties which you can not cope alone, with your family and friends. Also the story would be, you recognize growth of yourself in such a process, and you appreciate yourself in try to do the best for tomorrow through the growth, and you being grateful to mutual support of family and colleagues.

Meitec's efforts toward achieving its “ideal state” are, in this era of turmoil, it is none other than creating a new story on all employees. This year, I would like to share this story with as many employees as possible.

Thank you.

January, 2012