Message from the President Jun.2011

a monthly magazine for our employee Jun.2011

Society wide Efforts to Save Electricity

In our business, effect of the earthquake had started show in form of change to working day calendar at our customers. As the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association had announced that they have decided to shift their holidays from Saturdays and Sundays to Thursdays and Fridays, many manufacturers are planning to change their working day calendar in order to reduce electricity demand during the summer time. Because of this, to our company, as of end of May, we expect over 500 engineers will be affected by these working day calendar changes. And not just to the engineers, but our sales force will be affected as well.

Although it is for about 3 month between July to September, it is fact that those of you who have family would be affected in terms of time which you can spend with your family. Most of the corporations in this country are now trying to confront this society wide electricity saving efforts with cooperation of union. I am sorry for inconvenience caused to those who would be affected, and would like to ask for your understanding and cooperation.

But, in dealing with such circumstance change, I believe it is important to confront it positively. For instance, although it will be difficult to spend time with your family on your day off other than weekend, you can think that you will have a free time in weekday to do the things difficult to do over weekend. For the sales people, it could be a chance to visit your clients who had difficulty in taking time to see you during weekdays.

I believe that such society wide electricity saving efforts would, not as a issue of power supply, lead to major revision in how our society should consume the power. I also think that compatibility between a following trend of becoming first country in the world to build an energy saving and low carbon society and improvement of corporate competitiveness would be our social theme. And we should have a vision of what Meitec and Meitec employees can contribute to.

June, 2011