Message from the President Feb.2011

a monthly magazine for our employee Feb.2011

What to Defend, What to Change

I believe that realizing our strength which we have shown during the crisis would be one of the important points of view in the course of making the new Mid-term Management Plan.

For example, even when our utilization ratio dropped to 67.1% in August 2009, 3,800 of our engineers were still on assignments with our customers. In another word, it is fact that even when all of our customers without exceptions were taking cost cutting measures, they also have kept selecting those engineers on assignments as essential work force.

I also know that without our engineer’s sales cooperation, our utilization ratio would not recover to where we are today. Efforts by our engineers on assignments to bring back the contract ended fellow engineers to new assignments, effort to expand from a point to a plane or recovering the shrunken plane to larger plane again, became major driving forces to improve our utilization ratio.

I also would like to say that our sales forces have build up their strengths as well. Before the Lehman Shock, it was commonly said in our company that it is difficult to achieve over 100 contracts per month. But our sales force had broken though this limit by achieving over 200 contracts per month during the 9 consecutive months from March 2010 to November 2010.

Of course, it is important to correct or improve our weaknesses. But I believe that it is more important to strengthen the abilities we have shown during the crisis. In another word, we should realize the potentials which Meitec has, and we should think how we can improve such abilities or how we can make things easier to utilize such abilities.

In the new Mid-term Management Plan, we will carry out such ordinary missions as defending our strengths and changing our weaknesses.

February, 2011