Message from the President Aug.2010

a monthly magazine for our employee Aug.2010

Technology and Enthusiasm

There is a saying, “Change in current rip”. Current rip is a junction line between two sea currents. But it is also used when there is a major situation change, or a current flow of things are turned over. There are global size major current rip such as the economic demand changes from the advanced nations to the rising nations, automotive energy change from gasoline to electricity. But also there are various current rip within Meitec as well.

For example, in our case, our stock of orders have fallen to a tragic level of less than 200 as the monthly number of orders have dropped to under 100 per month. But it had gradually started to improve from last October, and number of new order have retuned to 200 per month. Although it is not yet up to 250 new orders per month of normal time, but it is fact that number of new order is improving.

Entire company is now making effort to meet all those new orders. But sometime, we loose the order to other competitors. And reason for the loss is not always due to the price differences.

Appealing your enthusiasm for the job such as your willingness to do the job, wish to contribute the customer utilizing your experience, technology and skills is very important to obtain the orders. Regardless of the circumstance surrounding the customer, it is natural that they would want to bring in highly motivated member to their team. There may be a case that due to a high demand for job-ready engineers by the customer, we might get the order even if the specification which the customer requires does not quite match. But usually, their requirements are higher than before, specifying the skill required for the engineers.

We would like to face the customers so that we will not loose the orders to competitors because of the luck of enthusiasm even we were better in technological level. And to do so, I would like to ask our engineers to make closer communications with your sales offices.

August, 2010