Message from the President Feb.2010

a monthly magazine for our employee Feb.2010

From Selecting to Be Selected

We are now conducting a marketing campaign called “Engineer to be selected”. This is a campaign for all employees to promote continuation of the current contracts and new job assignments during the 4th quarter. By the out come of this efforts, whether we will be able to achieve our supreme management policy for next fiscal year, “achieving the stand alone continuation of the company” could be decided. It will also determine what level the employee must share the pain during the next fiscal year. By this effort, we would like to bring up the number of engineers on assignment to a highest possible level at the end of the current fiscal year before starting the new fiscal year. We also would like to challenge obtaining new orders at the beginning of the year as our customers will also enter new fiscal year.

<To the engineers on assignment>
Those of you who are currently assigned to the customer, your will face a negotiation for the renewal of your contracts. Naturally, our sales staff will make best effort in the renewal negotiation. They will try to appeal your value for the customers as high as possible. But if we receive any claim from our customer due to the action of our employee, it will not be just a problem for individual engineer, but might jeopardize all the contracts with the customers. Therefore, we would like to achieve zero claims concerning the work attitude our employee during the 4th quarter. Not just because we are under renewal negotiation period, I would like you to take this opportunity to re-confirm your own work attitude to improve your market value.

<To those engineers on the educational training>
At the beginning of the current fiscal year in April, we had to start the year with reduction in number of contracts. But during this year, number of new contracts have not drop so much compared to the regular year. Although the environment surrounding us is not good thee are new orders. But what is different today is that the requirement addressed by our customer is very specific, and it is hard to match it to our engineers. If we can not fulfill the customer needs right away, the order would quickly disappear. What this mean is that we are now not in a position to select orders. In another word, it is a situation which we need to be selected by orders. In normal year, each of our engineers was able to select best matching order from stock of 1,000 remaining back orders. But, now, it is the other way around.

Therefore, now our sales staff is trying to match the engineer with orders according to the TCD (Technical Career Data), and to present it to the customers. This is reason why we are repeatedly requesting engineers to re-fine your TCD. By your effort, we hope to improve the job matching and gain new contracts. Even during the current market condition, we have already achieved 1,100 new contracts during the current fiscal year. Considering this, to those who are on the educational training program, please re-think and take action on what you have to do to achieve job assignment on your own. You can access the Best Matching System to find the order you can handle and notify to your sales staff. Please note the fact that those engineers who had accompanied the sales staff in sales meeting had realizing to get the new assignment, and reconsider what you can do for your self.

All of these requests to you are matter of the self helping. Please do you best in your own work, activities to obtain new order, since this year is one year that your professionalism is most required.

February, 2010