Message from the President

Challenge to sustainable growth to the future as a Pioneer in the Temporary Engineer Staffing Industry

President Hideyo Kokubun

Since its establishment in 1974, Meitec Corporation (the Company) have been providing services of “People and Technology” to over 4,000 clients in Japanese manufacturing industries as a pioneer in the temporary engineer staffing industry.

Also the Meitec Group had built the largest "group of professional engineers” in Japan with approximately 8,700 engineers (6,800 for the Company) who provide design and development technical services.

I believe that, now after 40 years in the business, a fact that we were able to turning out the professional engineers (Life Time Professional Engineer) who can continue to work in front line until their retirement age, is significantly valuable to the society.

Hereafter, by repeating efforts of further challenges and creations and realize sustainable growth under the corporate slogan of “Develop a new era by People and Technology”, Meitec Group will continue to expand selections for “opportunities and placement” to realize affluent “Career Style of Engineer. Also we will continue our effort to continue to be the “best partner” and provide “expanded selections of services” for the Japanese manufactures.

We will aim to be corporate groups which continue our sustainable growth toward future as a leading company in creation of Value.

Hideyo kokubun

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