Message from the President December.2020

What MEITEC Can Contribute to Society

There is just one month remaining in 2020. With the COVID-19 pandemic, this past year has been a very difficult one for people around the world. The environment surrounding MEITEC has also been very harsh, but we were able to prepare the way for significant growth in the future because the Company and all employees took on the challenge of innovative changes with strong determination, the difficult environment notwithstanding. Unfortunately, the novel coronavirus threat looks likely to continue in 2021. Let’s do our best to drive our business forward with sustainable development, giving first priority to ensuring our safety and security for the sake of our loved ones and colleagues.

In the New Year issue of our internal newsletter SYORYU, to be published in January 2021, we will cover the topic “What contribution can we make or are we making to society?” with “Sustainability (sustainable society)” as the theme of the special feature. It is the responsibility of all those who are living in the present world to hand down a sustainable society to future generations. For example, the world as we known it may no longer exist 30 years from now if the environmental destruction continues as it is now. To pass on a brighter future, each one of us should think about what we can do or are doing now. For the special feature, we sent a sustainability questionnaire to employees. We received more responses than we had expected, and are delighted to know of your strong interest in the subject. Considering the contents of replies, we were able to offer a glimpse into the long-cherished desire of engineers to create the future and once again realized the value of engineers in society.

The Japanese government announced its intention of striving to become a carbon-neutral decarbonized society by 2050, and companies will start to move toward the development of new energy and energy-saving technologies to realize a green society. I think that sales staff will be able to propose optimum solutions to customers by being among the first to obtain information on developments underway at companies, while engineers will be able to demonstrate high-added value by working hard to develop the technical capabilities and human power expected by customers.

Beyond the environment, there are many challenges to realizing a sustainable society. Your first step is to be aware of these challenges and recognize social issues, and then think about and express what you can do, or take actions to enhance what you can do by setting goals for your career advancement. I believe that in doing so, you will be able to gain both the actual feeling of contributing to society and the engineer career you yourselves seek.

December, 2020