IR Information(IR情報) 2006/8/29

Meitec Corporation

Notice Regarding the Purchase of Treasury Stock

Meitec Corporation announced that it has repurchased a portion of its own shares from the market in accordance with the provisions of Article 156 and Article 165, paragraph 3, of the Company law. Details of the share repurchase are as follows:

1. Class of shares: Common stock
2. Period of repurchase: Between August 1, 2006 and August 28, 2006
3. Aggregate number of shares repurchased: 497,200 shares
4. Aggregate repurchase amount: 1,919,490,000 yen
5. Method of repurchase: Shares were repurchased on the Tokyo Stock Exchange

(Reference 1)
1) The following details were resolved at the Board of Directors meeting held on July 25, 2006:
・Class of shares: Common stock
・Aggregate number of repurchased shares: Up to 1,275,000 shares
・Aggregate repurchase amount: Up to 2,550 million yen
2) Cumulative total of shares repurchased since the July 25, 2006 Board of Directors resolution through today:
・Aggregate number of shares repurchased: 497,200 shares
・Aggregate repurchase amount: 1,919,490,000 yen

(Reference 2)
1) The number of shares issued and treasury stock as of July 31, 2006:
・Total number of shares issued (excluding treasury stock): 36,540,381 shares
・Treasury stock: 301,474 shares