Frequently Asked Questions

The following are FAQs from customers and our answers. If you have any questions that are not covered by these FAQs or points you wish to be clarified, please use the Inquiry Form to send your question.

Questions about Stocks

What is MEITEC's securities code number?
MEITEC's securities code number is 9744.
What is the number of shares per unit?
When does MEITEC determine the shareholders entitled to receive term-end dividends?
We determine that on March 31.
Where can I see the historical development of dividend payments?
We provide dividend payment data on the Stock and Shareholder Information page.
Do you have a shareholder benefit plan?
Because MEITEC defines its basic policy on returning profit to shareholders as a combination of cash dividend payments and the retirement of shares through the acquisition of treasury stock, we do not have a shareholder benefit plan at present.

Questions about MEITEC

When was MEITEC incorporated?
In July 1974, Nagoya Technical Center Co., Ltd., was founded in Nagoya City as a company engaged in general industrial machine design. In December 1984, it was renamed MEITEC Corporation.
What kind of management policy do you have?
The MEITEC Group, based on its group management concept “Mutual Growth & Prosperity”, will maximize the corporate value of our group originating from the value provided to our employees.
1. Value to Employees
Continue to provide good opportunities for all professional engineers.
2. Value to Customers
To be a “reliable strategic partner” for Japanese manufacturers who are undergoing major changes.
3. Value to Shareholders
To be a company which maximize mid and long-term shareholders return by realizing sustainable growth.
4. Value to the Society
To be a pioneer to create a professional labor market in Japan, through establishing a career style of “lifetime professional engineers”.
When did MEITEC list its shares on Stock Exchanges?
MEITEC listed its shares on the Second Section of the Nagoya Stock Exchange in March 1987. Later, in September 1998, its shares were listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchanges.
Are there any management goals?
We have started the New Mid-Term Management Plan “Co-creation 21” from April 1, 2011.
Please see the ""Corporate Plan"" in our homepage for details.
I would like to see a brief company profile of MEITEC.
The company profile is available on the Corporate Data page.

Questions about Results and Financial Information

When is MEITEC's fiscal year-end?
Our fiscal year ends on March 31. However, we also announce consolidated results on a quarterly basis.
What is your annual schedule for financial results announcements?
Our schedule for financial results announcements is available on the IR Calendar page.
I would like to see your past business results and other financial information.
Our financial highlights and performance data in the past five years can be found on the Financial and Performance Data page. For presentation materials on financial results, annual reports, and other documents, please click "IR Library."
I would like to see your annual report.
You can download the PDF file from the IR Library page. If you would prefer to receive it by mail, please click "Request for Annual Report".