Company Information

Corporate Plan

Mid-term Management Plan of Meitec Group[2020 − 2022] “The Transformation”

The Group will “Transform the business model” not with the current extention line, but by itself, in line with the changes and evolution of society and clients, pursue high added value as a unified group maintaining the quality cultivated up until now, and transform into a company that is “The Only One.”

Summary of the Meitec Group Mid-Term Management Plan[2020-2022]“The Transformation”

Purpose to pursued

Further “increase the level of satisfaction”of clients and engineers

A.Performance Targets for the Fiscal Year Ending March 31, 2022

a .Consolidated sales of 135 billion yen
b .Consolidated operating income of 18 billion yen
c .Consolidated operating income margin of 13%
d .Consolidated net income of 120 billion yen
e .Consolidated ROE of 25%
※Disclaimer regarding the description of the medium-term management plan The quantitative goals and other information in this document merely show medium- to long-term strategies based on the strong will of the management team.

B.Basic policy and priority measures

Transform the business model by pursuing high added value as a unified group
<Basic Policy >
Sales Expansion
Profit Enhancement
Improving Profit Margin 
<Priority measures>
- Providing the Prime engineering solutions
Directly under the control of top management the Prime engineering solutions of
*Create a group of engineers
*Build a technical sales team
- Greatly increase digitization of design and development 
- Transfer authority to region (area/block)
*Accelerate Quantitative expansion and digitization and transition to growth areas
*Innovate systems and standards to make swift decisions
- Improve efficiency by promoting standerdization of operations
*Redefine operational requirements
*Promoting digitization