Message from the President Mar. 2014

a monthly magazine for our employee Mar.2014

Appreciation to the fellows. Expectations to the next generations

This time, I have decided to resign from position of president, CEO and COO as of March 31, 2014. I was able to fulfill the duties as the President, CEO and COO for almost 14 years since November 1999 because of understanding and cooperation from all the employees. I would like to express my sincere appreciation to everyone. Thank you very much.

As I have decided to resign, I think again that I wish Meitec to continue overcoming various changes and hardship, and continue to be No.1 in the professional staffing business for engineers of Japan, and also, continue to create “New Way of Working” in Japanese labor market. I believe that Meitec can do this.

Meitec will celebrate its 40 anniversary this year. We should be proud of that, in this era, we were able to continue our business for 40 years and also we continue to be No. 1 in industry. But we should not forget that this success stands on that many forerunners had built up trusting relationships with clients from the founding of the company, and also on our corporate culture of “independence and mutual support.” I think that largest factor that we were able to overcome the significant crisis like Lehman Shock along with protecting employment was to the client base built and continued for 40 years and our corporate cultures.

I cannot imagine how this era world will become from now. There are many uncertainties: how the Japanese manufacturers will change, how the making things will change and what will survive, how the Japanese labor market will change or will not change, when and how a worldwide economic crisis like the Lehman Shock will occur again. I think it is more and more difficult to predict the future as the system of society and economy become more complex.

But I believe that Meitec will continue to be No. 1 in the industry even if it will faces any change or difficulties as long as Meitec continues to be itself, i.e. everyone in Meitec continue to grow as professionals and support each other.

I will put a break on the role as president which I have served for many years. But I would like to send sincere Yale to all the fellows and next generation fellows who will face the new era.

This is my final message to you as president.

Until now, thank you. And, I expect great future of everyone.

March, 2014