Message from the President Dec.2013

a monthly magazine for our employee Dec.2013

Blue Apron

Now it is December. I really feel that one year passes by quickly. This year, many things had happened in Meitec. And change in scenery of the Tokyo Headquarter for this year is one of them.

From this year, every morning from 10 am, our colleagues who are wearing blue aprons have started to clean and organize our offices, and also do some paper work.

Recently, even in Japan, we have started to call the disabled people as “the challenged” people, as they are people who were given specific subject to challenge and ability by God. In Meitec, we have set up a section called “Challenged Work Promotion Section” within our personnel department in June. And, although it is small number of people, we have started work with “the challenged” colleagues.

Just by seeing those him and her wearing blue aprons tying hard to do what they can do, I feel that I was given lot of vigor from them. When I pass each other with them, I feel that their voice of greeting sounds very strong.

Meitec was behind in efforts for employing the handicapped person. One of the reasons that given us a difficulty to make effort in this matter was that because we are in human resource business, such as difficult to hire them as engineers. Now having “the Challenged” colleagues to our Tokyo Headquarter is epoch-making, and it is a big challenge to our company as well. Our challenge is that whether we can work together with “the challenged” people as colleagues in the administrative division or not.

We have just stood in the starting line, but we would like to be a company which “the challenged” people can work together. It is not easy. I think that it can not be realized unless we making the effort with determination, presuming variety of difficulties of working together.

While after the colleagues of “the challenged” joined us in June, one senior engineer who visited the Tokyo Headquarter said that “Our Company had became good company.” I hope that our company to become such company with everyone.

December, 2013