Message from the President Nov.2013

a monthly magazine for our employee Nov.2013

Global Colleagues

Since last year, we started to have opportunities for Japanese and Chinese Meitec Group employees to meet and interact with each other by having those employees hired at Chinese local offices to visit Japan.

To be specific, those Chinese colleagues are given opportunities to lean; about common issues associated with recruiting Chinese students from our recruitment division, about Meitec’s training system from our CS division, about job placement business from Meitec Next. This is also a “place of opportunities” for Japanese employees to learn from those Chinese colleagues as well.

Working abroad means working together with the local employees. There are differences in culture and customs as well as languages. And there could even be differences in how to value the things. I believe that it is important to tell the local employee of our feelings that we would like to be their colleagues when we work with them. I think, even if the languages and cultures are different, as long as we are working together, our feelings for wanting to do a good job, wanting to be useful through the work, and wanting to make more and more people happy are the same all over the world.

Through our past overseas businesses, we actually know that we can be colleagues with foreign people if we can express such feelings and understand each other. Those colleagues who visit us to Japan are such people. In Chinese, globalization is called “quán qiú huà”, and as the word means, globalization is considering everyone who lives in the planet earth are colleagues.

Today, most of Meitec employees, engineers and administrative staffs, are working domestically in Japan. But, considering the globalization of our customers, current status may not necessarily be continued in 5 years or 10 years time.

Actually, there are many Meitec employees who wish to expand their work to wider world, not limiting themselves in Japan. I would like to provide as much “opportunities and placement” as possible to such colleagues. And I would like for them to strengthen their ability to become colleague with those foreign people.

November, 2013