Message from the President Jul.2013

a monthly magazine for our employee Jul.2013

Double Brand Professionals

This year, during the month of June to May, the awards ceremonies were held which to award the employee of long-service and thank employee who achieved to be the lifetime engineer / the lifetime professional at the offices across the country. Every year, I learn a lot from comments from those award recipients. And, this year, one comments which most given me a strong impression was that "I was most pleased when I was asked to come work again by a past client"

Basic way of how the Meitec' engineer works is that it is to rotates between the customers. Those who achieved the lifetime engineer have rotated across approximately more than 10 clients. In some engineer with more number of clients, engineer had rotated across nearly 20 clients. Basic career path of Meitec's engineer is to achieve growth by establishing core of his or her strength, or by widening their work area through changing the work phase or industrial segments by the rotation.

During such process, there are engineers who receive requests of “return to work again” from past clients. Reasons for this request varies depend of clients. But they are such reason as, "Although we wanted him (or her) to stay working with us further, we had to terminate because of lack of a budget. But, this time, because we obtained budgets, we want him (or her) to come back again", or "As we are to start a new development project, we would like him (or her) to come back again because we know their real ability through experience of previous project." But what is common among these requests are that the requests are toward particular person. This, of course, by “Technological Strength multiplied by Human Strength = Total Strength”, he (or she) had won a strong trust from client. If winning strong trust from clients is an essential requirement for a brand, we can say that he (or she) have established a brand of their own.

Meitec is a "Group of professional engineers" which consists of engineers who have won their own brand. Because of this, I think that Meitec's engineers have both their own brand and brand of Meitec, and are professionals who enhance the value of this double brand.

July, 2013