Message from the President Apr.2013

a monthly magazine for our employee Apr.2013

For Myself in 10 Years time

On April 1st, we have started our new fiscal year, and at same time, 390 new employees (379 of them are engineers) have joined us as our new fellows.

They are taking their first step as the member of society and professionals. I wonder what the future which he or she will walk will be like. I think no one can predict what the future will be like under current situation where changes which can not be measured by conventional concept and common sense are accelerating. Therefore, not only to them, but to everyone who lives in the current era, surviving through such uncertain time is the great objective.

Although the future is uncertain, this future will not come suddenly. The future will come under continuous flow of time repeating tomorrow next to today. Therefore, how to live today would become important for future growth. And such continuous growth would become strength to survive such uncertain era. Growth is continuous creation of new myself. And it would be creating best of yourself in your history continuously.

Therefore, living your life as you will not regret in 10 years time would lead to your future.

At the beginning of the new fiscal year, I would like to send my message to all the employees to let us live our life so that you yourself in 10 years future can praise yourself.

April, 2013