Message from the President Mar.2013

a monthly magazine for our employee Mar.2013

Purpose of Cooperation

Second year of the Mid-term Management Plan “Co-creation 21” is about to end, and new fiscal year will begin from April 1, 2013. In the Mid-term Management plan, “Co-creation 21”, we have set two targets, performance target of recovering business size to that of before the Lehman Shock, and strategic target of building stronger business structure from the lessons we learned from the Lehman Shock. And during the fiscal year 2013 which is the final year of the plan, entire company will work toward these two targets.

Among seven strategic targets, we have set “Build a strong customer base with all 1,000 clients” in the target for the Sales and Engineer Management Strategy. Most important task in realizing this is cooperation of sales force and engineers. But we have to be careful in the course of carrying out the strategy that we may mistakenly think that the strategy itself as the purpose. For example, “Build a strong customer base with all 1,000 clients” is a strategic target but not a purpose.

In general, purpose is “intended matter to be achieved”. And target is “level to be achieved”. Therefore, purpose of achieving the Target of Sales and Engineer Management Strategy is to improve the value to employee and value to customers stated in the ideal state of Meitec. The value to employees is continuously providing opportunities and placement for all professional engineers. The value to customers is continued to be a “reliable strategic partner”. So, to improve these two values, our sales force and engineers are cooperating more to improve the partnership with the customers, and co-create more and more opportunities and placement where the employee can work safely.

We may forget why we are aiming at the target if achieving the target itself becomes purpose or cooperation itself becomes purpose. It is hard to work without purpose, and we would imperceptibly become tired.

So to avoid such condition, I would like to share the purpose of the seven strategic targets with entire company prior to begin the new fiscal year.

March, 2013