Message from the President Jan.2013

a monthly magazine for our employee Jan.2013

Story about Growth of the entire Employee

Happy New Year!

In my last year’s New Year message,, I wrote that, because it is the era of turmoil which we can not predicts what will happen, it is necessary to create your new story on your own. Even now after one year, my thought has not changed. Rather, my thought has become even stronger.

Creating your won story means finding and creating new yourself on your own, by facing variety of things and events and by meeting different people day to day. And it is called growth.

Also, the growth means not giving up on yourselves. I believe that you can find and create new yourselves if you wish to grow and believe in your self that your can glow no matter how old you get. Our engineers who had completed their engineer life prove it.

Changes in the society and the times, which we have to face now, will be tough. As in the past, the time when Japan's population increases and GDP was growing every year, we were able to feel that our life would be become rich just by living the normally life. Today's Japan in which we live has already ended such a period. It also means that the end of the era where everyone is going to be rich in side-by-side. It is tough for the individual, but, still, we are living in this era.

In any times and society, I think the action with willingness for own growth would become a clue to face the severity. I think a professional person is that he is a person who pursues his growth as long as he works.

We will enter 3rd year of our Mid-term Management Plan “Co-creation 21”. We will enter 3rd year of our Mid-term Management Plan “Co-creation 21”. I think accumulation of growth of employee which was achieved by cooperating each other would show up as results. In that sense, “Co-creation 21” is also a story of the growth of all employees.

This year too, with all employees, we want to create the Meitec which grow along with the growth of each and every employee.

Thank you.

January, 2013