Message from the President Dec.2012

a monthly magazine for our employee Dec.2012

The Executive Credo

Recently, Meitec established the Executive Credo. Because the word “credo” is a statement of religious belief originating from Latin, it is generally defined as “belief”. And it is used to describe “principle of primarily action to be taken in corporate management” in business management terminology.

It is consisted of following three credos, which has already been announced.

1. Have strong sense of ownership for all work sites.
2. Have strong sense of occupational ethics as the professional of management for “man and technology”, and continue to brush up own “Specialized Ability multiplied by human Strength equal Total Strength”
3. Demonstrate leadership in creation of corporate value which can be achieved by ties among all employees.

All the fulltime directors and executive officers who have management responsibility in business execution will take action according to the Credo from now on.

I believe that these three credos are not special things in Meitec. But in day-to-day behavior, if we, even the officers, are asked whether if we are taking action accordingly, it is fact that we may not able to say “Yes”. Therefore, because we are not acting perfectly, we dare to define them as credo, and will practice accordingly.

All three credos are important. But I think “1.” would become the starting point. This is because that if we can have strong sense of ownership for all work sites and practice it in our action, “2.” and “3.” will follow naturally in our practice. In short, we should be conscious that all the things which occur in Meitec would involve us in some way. For this reason, if possible, I would like to share the Credo with all the key employees. And, eventually, I would like to share it with all employees. However, I believe that executives must take the lead in setting an example first.

Origin of Co-creation is to be conscious that any work you do or its result will not conclude on your own and is connected to someone within Meitec or outside, directly or indirectly, in form of tangible or intangible.

December, 2012