Message from the President Oct.2012

a monthly magazine for our employee Oct.2012

Why Do We Try to Improve Our Human Strengths?

One of our strategic targets in our Mid-term Management Plan is improvement of “Technological Strength X Human Strength = Total Strength” I would like to go over why we are trying to improve our human strengths, one more time.

Origin of the strategic targets in the Mid-term Management Plan was based on what we learned from the Lehman Shock. Therefore, acknowledgement of the objective in improving the human strengths is based on what we actually experienced during the Lehman Shock. That was, our customer naturally requires technological strength to Meitec engineers, but they also severely evaluate the human strengths as well. (back then, it was termed as reliability and humanity in ISO rule)
In fact there were many terminations of contracts because of such evaluation results. This means that even if the technological strengths are high, if the human strengths were low, then the customer’s total evaluation would be low.

Because above is the origin of the human strengths, the Company have decided to take lead in enhancing “Common Human Strengths” which we have determined that “strength everyone should have equally” among two strengths of human strengths, “The company leading” means that the company will conduct newly graduate training, educational training for unassigned engineers, and human training for younger employee and human training for employee under claim, including claim prevention, and Web Human Training which have started from year before last.
Incidentally, the “Human Training” will be called “Human Strength Training” from next fiscal year.

For example, purpose of the Web Human Training is to train our engineers so that their contracts will not be terminated under crisis conditions. Person may think somewhat looseness can be allowed, and may show looseness in their behavior. But customers are always paying attention to such behaviors, and if it becomes to be a crisis condition, such behavior could lead to termination of the contracts. So, It is important that our employee should protect their “opportunities and place” for job on their own.

Therefore, first of all, we will thoroughly apply training led by the Company for “Common Human Strengths”. And at same time, I would like to expect results by the field-driven initiatives applied at each Engineering Center which some has already started for the “Diversity Human Strengths”.
And by both the Company-led and field-driven efforts in improving the human strengths”, we would like to organize the efforts to improve human strengths. This is also the approach for improving human strengths in "Co-creation".

October, 2012