Message from the President Aug.2012

a monthly magazine for our employee Aug.2012

Recommendation of “Wagakotoka” (think as that of your own)

This is continuation of my message from last month. I said that increasing the things which all the people involved with Meitec would feel “happy” would enhance Value to Employees, Value in Customers, Value to Shareholders which are stated in the Meitec's "Ideal State”.

First step in realizing this is to you yourself try to increase the things which you or your colleagues would feel happy. One objective of the mid-term management plan “Co-creation 21” is, regardless whether we are under crisis or not, achieving continuous growth and provide “opportunities and place” which the employee can work with confidence and grow. If the company realize such objective, it would be good things for the employee as well, and the employee themselves would act to achieve such objective. It also means that if it is a good thing to yourself, you would not leave it to other people to handle the matter.

This is what company is asking to employee, independence and self-responsibility. Things you would be happy for are what you will create on your own, not what others would create for you. And I think, by experiencing the process of creating your happiness on your own, you would achieve growth.

This is “Wagakotoka” which I have been speaking of in the employee and president meeting. And true meaning of word “Co-creation” is more and more employee strive for “Wagakotoka.”

August, 2012