Message from the President Jul.2012

a monthly magazine for our employee Jul.2012

For someone's “Happiness”

In the this year’s employee and president meeting, I have been saying that getting closer to the Meitec's "Ideal State” can be achieved by realizing increase in Value to Employees, Value in Customers, Value to Shareholders, and increase in Value to the Society. And I also said that it means increasing the things which all the people who are involved with Meitec to feel “happy”.

For instance, assignment of newly graduated engineers who joined us this year is in progress. But achieving such assignment for them was results of efforts by the sales people and fellow engineers preparing for assignments. So they probably are feeling happy about their assignment, thanks to these efforts of the fellow employee.

Also, after one year or six months later, when they become a force useful to our customers, our customer should, for the first time, feel "it was nice to accept a proposal of engineers and sales of Meitec! Happy!" Also, engineers and sales people who have created such "place and opportunity", probably be feeling happy to see that their fellow employee had grown. And, they should also be feeling happy to see that their customers are feeling happy. Our shareholders should be feeling happy to see growth of Meitec by our "happiness" increase. As to the people of the society, by recognizing that Meitec is a company which provides "place and opportunities" for taking first step as an engineer to the younger generations, they should be feeling "happy that there is a company called Meitec".

I think that, people would grow, as someone becoming happy, or such happy people increase, through our own work.

More and more, together, I wish to increase happiness of people who are involved with Meitec.

July, 2012