Message from the President Jun.2012

a monthly magazine for our employee Jun.2012

Who Protected the Employment?

Meitec has resumed mid-career hire from last year. They have already been working in society. And they have experienced suffering of hardship in other company. And on that, they are the people who had chosen Meitec as "place" to start fresh again in search of new possibilities for themselves. We sincerely appreciate that they choose Meitec.

I have heard reports from the recruiting center that applicants often cited the Company's corporate stance to defend the employment without restructuring after the collapse of Lehman Brothers as motivation to joining the Company,
Such a comment itself is appreciated. But, when there is a chance to speak with those people who joined us in mid-career, I make sure to tell them that "who protected the employment was not the company, but was strength of the entire employee."

There were engineers who maximize demonstrated their power to assign themselves to the jobs. There were engineers who made an effort for the assignment of his fellow engineers beside themselves. There were engineers who made various sales co-operations. And there were engineers who operated training programs on their own. And there were sales people who enhanced their strength to obtaining orders and achieving the contracts by the aggressive sales activities. Also there were administrative departments who managed the business operation with strict cost control. I believe that without any one of these, we could not protect the employment. So, it is a fact that we really experienced that we protected the employment with everyone's efforts.

Meitec's definition of “Ideal state” is not “the company protects the employment". But it is that we become a company which “all employee protect the employment on their own" in future, even if we face another crisis.

At the employee and president meeting which we started last month, at locations throughout the nation, we again started to talk about what we will do, and what we are trying to promote by the mid-term management plan (2011.4.1~2014.3.31).
See you at the employee and president meeting.

June, 2012