Message from the President May.2012

a monthly magazine for our employee May.2012

Global way of working

In order to accelerate the global dispatch program, from this fiscal year, the company will send selected engineers among people who have registered to the program as training teacher to Meitec Xian and Meitec Chengdu, both are vocational training for Chinese college students, for six months. And three engineers had already left for China as vanguard.

In global dispatch program, customer requires the engineer to have work experience in China (overseas) and experience in training Chinese engineers (young engineer in overseas). Since one of our objective in the global dispatch program is “supporting Japanese manufacturers in establishing development team within China (overseas), it is very reasonable request. But although overseas business trips are increasing among Meitec engineers, experience in both requirements, especially in latter requirement, is rare. Therefore, our effort is to training engineers to meet such request on our own utilizing our Chinese facilities.

Although it is only six month, I would like for them to challenge the global dispatch program with what they achieve in work experiences in China, cooperation with Chinese people, and training experience of young Chinese engineers through this training teacher program.

In the document disclosed in April on the intranet, it explains position and strategy of each group companies. And there, one of the strategies of the global business is noted as “training human resource for global business in management, sales and engineer”.

Currently, Meitec Group’s main market is in Japan. But as we see the future outlook, we can foresee that we would have to conduct our business in global market. Therefore, I think the first thing we have to do is to training human resources who can perform in global market.

Meitec employee who is working in the Chinese subsidiaries or those who had do so in past are people with such work experiences. Sending training teacher at this time is part of such effort in training engineers. I would like to introduce similar program for sales people as well at earliest time. And I would like to provide as much “opportunities and places” for those people with motivation and intention in opening global way of working.

May, 2012