Message from the President Nov.2011

a monthly magazine for our employee Nov.2011

Pioneer in Creating a Road on the Uncharted Path

At the end of September, cumulative total number of employee who had become the Lifetime Engineer, employee who had continue to work as a engineer to his retirement age of 60, reached 39 people. Realizing a environment which our employee can continue to work to become the Lifetime Engineer was one of Meitec’s dream since the beginning of the company 37 years ago. And, now, 39 engineers had achieved this.

During the early days of the company, in fact, that people were saying that it is not possible for our employee to work as engineer for long time because of the nature of the temporary engineer staffing business. So, it is not too much to say that those 39 engineers were pioneer in creating a road on the uncharted path.

In any world, until someone makes a path, common sense would be “there is no way to get there”. But when someone reaches the goal, and the number of people who reaches the goal increase and a track becomes clear, the common sense would change to “we can get there if we work hard enough”.

As we look at the career paths of these 39 pioneers, no one had gone through the same career paths. These 39 people had 39 different way and engineer life to reach age of 60. However, there is something in common among them. It is the “ability to respond to change”. One of Lifetime Engineer said that “I would still like to challenge new job even after reaching the age of 60. I have kept all my experiences from my past work with in my drawers. And I know that I have something useful in these drawers for any kind of job. I also still like to increase the number of drawers”. I felt that it is the words of a professional who have reached a certain level of achievement.

In Meitec, being the Lifetime Engineer is no longer a dream nor absurd thing. The 39 people, a great role model, are showing us it as a fact.

November, 2011