Message from the President July.2011

a monthly magazine for our employee July.2011

“Why? > What?”

After an interval of three years, we have resumed the employee and president meeting. At the beginning, I wanted to complete the meeting with employees of all the offices within the first half of the fiscal year. But, because of the customer’s working calendar change to correspond the electricity-saving measures, the meeting for some of the offices will have to take place in October. This will mean that provision of information would be little delayed to some of the offices. Therefore, while you will wait for the meeting to take place, I wish that you will share the presence of the company’s forward movement after overcoming the crisis by going through the Q&A provided in the in-house intranet site.

Main subject of the employee and president meeting for this year is of course the New Mid-term Management Plan, Co-creation 21 which we have started from the current fiscal year. But I am spending 90% of the time in the meeting to discuss “Why we are doing?” In another word, I am only spending 10% of time to discuss “What do we do?” I know that your most interest is in “What do we do?” But I dare to focus on “Why we are doing?”

Reason for this is that a root of the New Mid-Term Management Plan is “What Meitec should learn from the Lehman Shock?” For the year of 2009 and 2010, we have experienced the crisis endangering continuation of the company. If we now just summarize the experience as “It was good to over come the crisis”, it would not mean if we haven learned anything from the crisis. Also no matter how hard or difficult the experience was, we tend to forget as the time goes by.

I believe that we should not forget what we have experienced during the Lehman Shock. And to remember the experiences, I believe that we should always question ourselves “Why we are doing?” while we carry on the New Mid-term management Plan “Co-creation 21”.

July, 2011