Message from the President Apr.2011

a monthly magazine for our employee Apr.2011

New Mid-term Management Plan“Co-creation 21”

I would like to extend my condolences to those affected by the Pacific Coast of Tohoku Earthquake which occurred on March 11, 2011.

Although the disaster had caused tremendous damages to extended areas in the region, our employee who was in the area was unharmed. And our customer in the area had already started their efforts on recovery and our engineers are joining them in the effort.

Although there was no casualty in personnel of our company, many of our engineers were not able to get to their work because of conditions at our customer, disrupted traffic system and shortage of the fuel, etc. Because of this, our company too had to take emergency measures for last two weeks from the day of earthquake. And now as our customers are tying to recover, we too have started to regain stability. There are possibilities of effect of the quake expanding to our customer who were not directly hit by the quake because of such problems as the planned rolling blackout and nuclear crisis. But I believe that it is a time that all the people and the companies have to join together to confront this national crisis.

Under these circumstances, Meitec will start our effort in creating new company by implementing the New Mid-term Management Plan from the beginning of this fiscal year. Taking the things we learned during past two years after the Lehman Shock as lesson, by us becoming more stronger “team of professional engineers”, we will all try to improve our corporate value which is determined by the “employee value”, “customer value”, “shareholder’s value” and “social value”. Since creation by everyone in the company is the main drive, we named the New Mid-term Management Plan as “Co-creation 21”. We will create new corporate value by joint effort of “employee and company”, “employee and employee”, “offices and offices” and “group companies and group companies”, and with our customers.

Because of dealing with the earthquake, we are little behind schedule on explaining the new plan within the company. But we shall make our first step forward.

April, 2011